Sook – Book One of The Purge War

I’m thrilled to have completed the manuscript for “Sook” – book one of The Purge War trilogy. Winner of the 2017 BRCWC First Impressions contest and finalist in the 2018 ACFW Genesis contest. What a journey!

Back Cover – Hatred for the Kelph has festered over generations. Like prey that runs from savage wolves, she is hunted. Always hunted. The repercussions for an untrained Kelph maiden are dangerous and exhausting.

A Purge War wages to obliterate BRIKKA ARDENSOOK’S people, the Kelph. Pure maiden blood makes her equally desirable and vulnerable.

Each day since her seventeenth birthday her “scent” grows stronger. In her quest to escape from crazed Landers she discovers more of her own kind, but the Kelph want her blood too.

fantasy-Sook close up

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