(No @#%! Language Please) Summer Clean Reads for Tweens and Teens

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Summer time for teens = eventual boredom. It’s a fact. Look it up.

Summer time for me = READ MORE BOOKS!

I don’t age-discriminate when I read. Most of the books my children (now ages 14 and 17) have read over the years, I’ve read too. Thankfully they share my love for fiction. Years ago, while they blasted through the Harry Potter series, I was right there with them…actually I was leading the charge!

As a parent, one of my biggest pet-peeves is the use of profanity in books that are marketed to teens. What’s the point in that? A good story doesn’t need curse words peppered throughout the plot. And, in my opinion, a good writer should go the extra mile to help the reader feel an emotion through descriptive writing rather than throwing in a four-letter-word to make a character seem angry or scared. Or better yet, make up some brand-new words to evoke emotion. Using profanity is a cheap and lazy way to tell a story.

When I find entertaining clean-reads I like to share them. I appreciate authors who write amazing and family-friendly stories. For this summer, I’ve put together a book list for both boys and girls called Summer Clean Reads. Every few weeks I’ll email your family a new list broken down into two different categories for boys and girls ages 12-17.

I’ve read all the books on the list—they are mom approved!

Fill out the information below and click the Submit button to receive my Summer Clean Reads lists. Starting June 1 – August 31 you will receive a new list every few weeks.

Happy reading!

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