2020 – Fire and Ink

Fire Award Finalist

I’ve learned to celebrate the small victories in life, which seem even more pronounced in the midst of a global pandemic. Today, I’m exceptionally appreciative to the staff and judges of the 2020 Fire Award Speculative Fiction Novel Competition for progressing my fantasy manuscript “Sook” to the final round. The idea of the main character, BRIKKA ARDENSOOK, came to me several years ago. She has several quirky character traits shared by my two (real life) teenage daughters. Sook has been a fun character to explore.

I’ve often heard authors lament about their “writing journey”. The highs and lows. Thrills and tears. I get it now and I’m thankful for my village of people who have kept me writing: The Circle Girls, a group of fellow authors who encourage, pray, and keep me real. Kelly and Deb my editor and beta reader respectively who are my faithful friends and literary cheerleaders.

I’m loving this journey and thankful for the experience, growth, and God’s grace.

The Fire Award Winners for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Other Speculative will be announced in September.


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